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Birthdate:Jul 6

~ Xinda Nobody ~

.:Dream Star:.


Life is a Dream;
I Didn't Die -
I Woke Up

~ Xinda ~


I'm so glad that I found you
I'll be there with a love that's strong
I'll be your strength, I'll keep holding on

~ Michael Jackson ~

Welcome to one of Xinda's corners of the internet where things may not always make sense. 29 years old, high school graduate, trying to work from home, single and living with two members of my family and usually with something always on my mind -- relating to just about anything. So, be prepared to perhaps be spammed with entries that may or may not be interesting - but possibly plenty of them.

Your warning now is that this journal belongs to someone that is very often emotional, sensitive, caring and also someone that very often loves to fangirl over many, many things. Respect is a amust while being involved in this journal.

I love to create in many-many forms and will often only post them here to link to the place where they're "really at". So, if you'd rather just watch something I create and not know about my personal life and thoughts, it might be better for the both of us if you watch me at those places instead.

My journal tends to be personal and I want friends or potentional friends to be the one reading it -- not someone that will forever be a stranger. Please keep that in mind before you add me. This journal is not a "add me for more friends!" this is a "add me if you care about me" (or, have the desire to get to know me for potentional caring). I like to know the people that are reading about my lightest or deepest thoughts - and I'd like people to actually care if they're reading them.

Want to friend me, still? Then ask here - if I do know you, let me know please - or why you're adding me - I'd appreciate it.

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If you're not interested in my personal life - you can access one of my other corners of the internet where I splatter my creative-juices at through any of these

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